OpenDomoOS is a project that implements an accessible and secure home automation system, entirely based on OpenSource. The license under which the project is being developed the General Public License (GPL). This license guarantees freedom in the use of software, a core value of the current technological society. In general terms, this means that OpenDomo can be used, copied, modified and distributed freely. is the Blog where we publish news related, but the new website for the OpenDomoOS project is now located in GitHub. In this way, you no longer need to register in our blog page to leave your wishes, bugs and questions, and a larger community of users will receive them, getting a better chance to find the optimal answer.

OpenDomoOS 2.1 officially published

Nueva versión publicada

Using the instructions on the download page you can use our advanced control system for free. As we are doing in the latest versions, we have published both the disk image for Raspberry PI as virtual machine format, so that you may test directly. 

There are multiple changes since version 1.0.0, both technical and conceptual level, so we have prepared a simple chart comparison to make them more understandable:

Discussion forums & project page

In order to enhance the user's experience and to share the knowledge in a more efficient way, we have opened a new website for the OpenDomoOS project. OpenDomo.ORG will stay as our Blogging page instead.In this way, you no longer need to register in our blog page to leave your questions, and a larger community of users will receive them, getting a better chance to find the optimal answer.

New location for Sub-projects

Today a section of the page is a list showing where some of the projects related to OpenDomo, and instead have added the link called "Sub - Projects" which will give access to the pages of all assets that are gone. Thus , it is much easier to find and join the already established teams , participate in discussions and the development of plugins , applications, add- ons for other platforms, etc. . For now , among them are:

  • opendomo-devel : plugin for OS OpenDomo OS 2.0 especially dedicated to developers
  • opendomo-cgi : new plugin with web interface OpenDomo OS 2
  • opendomo-music : the music plugin for OpenDomo OS 2
  • opendomo_vr : plugin for speech recognition in OpenDomo OS 2

Did you forget to turn off you HVAC? A full week waste!!

Burning moneyForgetting the HVAC on for the weekend means a tremendous unnecessary cost to any business than the entire workweek . Imagine the case of an office with a standard time ( 8:00 to 18:00 ), and intensive shift on Friday ( 8:00 to 16:00 ). Forgetting to turn off the air conditioning means that this will be on uselessly for 64 hours :

  • Saturday: 24h
  • Sunday: 24h
  • Friday: 8am (16:00 - 0:00 )
  • Monday: 8 am ( 0:00 - 8:00)

Exact: if the opening hours during the week is from 10am daily (48h per week) for a weekend of neglect 16 hours generate consumer whole week ! In the monthly bill , this represents an increase of over 25 % in climate (usually is the main item in energy).

OpenDomo 1.0.0 released!

New OpenDomo!Finally here ODNetwork 1.0.0, the new version is now available OpenDomo in our download area. Using the instructions on this page you can use our most advanced control system at no cost. As we are doing in the latest versions, we published both the image bootable CD-ROM format as in virtual machine, so that you may prove directly.

Version 1.0.0 is considered stable, as it has passed the validation tests in our laboratory, with special emphasis on automatic update functions, so that any incident that is detected from today can be remedied without intervention user.

Visit us in CeBIT, Stand D30 in Hall 16.

OpenDomo will assist to the next international meeting in CeBIT 2013, in Hannover-

Following our innovative and most of the needs of our customers, we have created the solution (hardware and software) monitoring of electricity consumption for businesses, named ODEnergy Pro, especially suitable for the energy management of multi-point business from a centralized management. This is a complementary solution to our existing products, like ODEnergy Ethernet and WiFi, and ODControl.

Introducing ODEnergy, a gorgeous Smart Meter!

ODEnergy WifiThe price of energy is increasing, and it won't stop, that's a fact. Also, families and companies are facing a lower income than previous years, and the situation does not seem to change in the short run. Then, it seems that the only solution is to spend less. But where? How? Well, this is why we created ODEnergy. 

It's actually a small device, compact enough to fit in the already tiny electric panel of most of the households. It's very easy to mount -however, it has to be done by a professional- and in few minutes the whole facility will be efficiently monitorized.

Visit us in CeBIT, Stand D30 in Hall 16.

English page back to activity

After many months, the English community blog will be active again. We have a lot of news to translate and publish, so please be patient! 

Version 0.8.8 released

ReleaseThe version 0.8.8 has been published with all the corrections and new features since the previous release, including big changes in the package managing, having all the packages shipped with the official Lite distribution installed and ready-to-use.

This versión includes:

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